Why Other Driving Instructors In Your Local Area Could Be Earning Much, Much More Than You

"Wish I'd known about this sooner!"

Being a Driving Instructor is a good life… isn't it?

  • Well, you are your own boss…
  • You can almost choose the hours you want to work…
  • You can spend more time with your family…
  • And you get to easily make around £25K a year… don't you?

To the wannabe Driving Instructor it all sounds like a really good deal. It's no wonder then that so many people sign up to become Approved Driving Instructors. It's quite possible you signed up for exactly those reasons too.

Realty check : Of course you know, and we certainly know that it's not quite as simple or as straight-forward as that. There are hidden pitfalls around every corner. Some days are fine and may go according to plan but there are just too many days when things don't work out as expected.

Whether you are an independent instructor, a member of a small driving school or a franchisee you will at some point experience the real and sometimes painful negative aspect of being an ADI. And yes… you probably already know what it is…


The main problem with downtime is you are not only losing income, you are also losing the one irreplaceable resource you have in your business…


When it's gone it's gone forever. Time is very precious to you and you only have a very limited amount to work with. So, it's just too valuable to lose or waste and you really do need to be making enough money to cover every single hour of your working day.

But are you?

Well it might surprise you to learn that some of your local competitors are making considerably more than you because they have figured out how to make the most of their available time. Many are working at full capacity and therefore do actually earn that magical figure of £25K and in many cases it can be much more.

Some make as much as £30K and their businesses run like absolute clockwork.

The fact is, some Driving Instructors are making as much as £10K a year more than their rivals for doing exactly the same job.

Want to know how they do it?

Well, in just a moment I'm going to explain exactly how they do and you can do it too… but first you need know something very important.

It's about marketing…

Driving Instructors are notoriously hopeless at marketing. It's a fact! But it's not their fault… and it's not your fault. It's just not what you have been trained to do. Let's face it, it's definitely horses for courses here.

Driving Instructors are great at teaching people how to drive, whilst marketers are great at… well marketing. However, the fact remains that if you want to promote your driving service and get many more paying clients you really do need to get your name out there.

Cost-effective marketing is key to making more money. Plain and simple!

If you're an independent then you might be relying on your flyers, newspaper ads or even Pay Per Click ads… if you have a website. If you're a franchisee, then you're relying on the franchisor to send you plenty of clients. However, whichever way you look at it, it's costly and it absolutely sucks.

I mean it sucks because it's money you just can't afford to lose. If you have to pay for your advertising and marketing then you should at least expect a decent return for your investment. The fact is… it very rarely works out that way. But you still have to keep on spending on advertising and marketing… just in case.

Savvy Driving Instructors Who Are Making More Money, Also Pay Much Less For Their Marketing

Your ADI business has to not only provide you with a means of making a good living it also has to generate enough profit to be able to cover all your overheads too. Okay, so you know this already and therefore you know how important it is to make every working hour count.

Advertising and marketing may well be a necessary evil but you do need to fill those hourly slots somehow. The good news is you can still advertise but you don't have to pay anywhere near as much as you might be doing right now.

So if you are paying much less for your marketing over a year, you will obviously have much more money in your pocket. Well, that's just another reason why these savvy Driving Instructors I mentioned earlier, are probably making more money than you. They simply spend less and get more.

In a business that generates revenue solely from your skills and valuable time, you have to look at every possible way to earn more and save more. It makes pure business sense… don't you agree?

Okay well now it's time to tell you how it's done…

We've so far identified the two big killers of your business.

They are downtime and ongoing marketing costs. Each of these frustrating, cash draining and demoralising issues are responsible for you not hitting your financial targets week after week. Of course if we break them down and analyse them more closely we can see there are inherent reasons why these two issues exist.

Downtime is caused by simply not having enough students to fill your available working hours. But as you know very well this conclusion is all too simplistic.

The causes can be many including when someone decides to cancel their appointment at very short notice. Some might not even have the courtesy to cancel at all. They will just not be at home when you arrive.

That's the worst type and the impact it can have on your business and your moral can be devastating.

Another cause is when there is just not enough students looking for driving lessons… or they are all going to your competitors… Yikes!

Whatever the reason for not filling your daily diary, it's just not what you need to grow your business or even maintain your standard of living. In an ideal world you want to be able to fill ALL your available slots EVERY day and you want to be able to do this for as little financial outlay as possible.

That's exactly what those crafty Driving Instructors I keep on telling you about are doing, and that's why they are making so much more money than most other instructors.

It's all because of what they know…

Many Smart Driving Instructors Get So Many Enquiries, They Have To Turn Some Away

Can you imagine having so many students you are barely able to cope with getting round them all every day? Phew! If only…

Fact is, there are some instructors who are so successful they do very often get more than enough enquiries. Actually many more than they can realistically handle. And why is this?

The answer is simple…

The more students you successfully teach to drive and pass their tests, the more recommendations you are likely to get. And we all know that recommendations cost nothing to acquire other than a happy new driver.

So in order to get more enquiries you just need more fee paying students. And to get more students you just need to be able to tap into a pool of eager wannabe drivers. If it sounds too simple that's because it really is.

You see, here at LessonsPerHour, we already have such a pool of eager people all desperately wanting to learn to drive. There are some living in your local area, who are ready and willing to fill those empty slots you have in your diary. These red hot leads have already paid their fees and are waiting for you to accept their offers.

  • What more could you possibly need in order to fill your time much more effectively?

  • What could be more financially rewarding as making every working hour actually pay?

  • Now you would be able to maximise your valuable time, just as these other Driving Instructors do.

  • Never again would you have to sit it out waiting for the phone to ring, hoping it will be another enquiry.

  • Finally, a solution that makes your business all the more worthwhile and the very reason why you decided to get involved in the first place.

And of course there's more…

Now not only do you have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your business and dramatically boost your profits, you can also save an absolute fortune on your marketing costs.

How? Well we take care of all the marketing, so you don't have to. Our expert marketing team ensure we get a steady stream of enquiries through our system so you can select as many or as few as you need.

Now, can you see why some Driving Instructors in your local area could be making much more money than you?

Isn't it time you joined them and helped yourself to a lot more cash? Our pool of prospects are waiting right now…

Partnering with us is a genuine win-win situation for you, and we are totally committed to providing a first class quality service to ensure you get more out than you are ever likely to put in.

When you consider what it actually costs to acquire a new client through marketing or through paying franchise fees, we are absolutely unbeatable.

Getting started is really easy too. Once registered you'll get access to the database of prospects, all of which have already paid up front for their lessons. You can then select those that fit in and around your timelines and are willing to pay what you are willing to accept.

The result is a full-time, fully operational and efficient business with more income and less out-goings.

How To Secure Many More Fee Paying Students In Your Local Area With Just A Few Simple Clicks

Joining the elite group of top earning Driving Instructors is a very straight-forward process. Thankfully, the internet makes it possible to do so many things much more effectively and efficiently… and a few clicks is all it takes to sign up and begin to start earning more money almost immediately.

Our Pupil-on-Demand™ system is tailored to suit you in every way. You register, set up your account and then get access to every learner who needs lessons in your area and beyond.

On successful registration you will become an active participant in a live 24 hour campaign. Learner drivers will be there for the taking … and remember… we take care of all the marketing to ensure a steady stream of eager prospects are always available for selection.

A PUPIL-ON-DEMAND™ solution for driving instructors has a sophisticated Pupil-on-Demand™ system that can replace all your marketing efforts which, as we have seen, can save you thousands of pounds every year and 390 hours of indirect labour! You just set it up once to get access to every learner driver that makes an offer in your area.


How LessonsPerHour can minimise new learner driver acquisition costs for your driving school?


1. Register with LessonPerHour & get connected instantly to a LIVE campaign!

Sign up to using the simple user friendly registration page and join the instructors who are already benefiting from some amazing features you will not find anywhere else!


Your account will immediately be set-up to join a LIVE targeted campaign in your chosen postcode areas.


The campaign includes precision marketing focused specifically in your chosen location using the latest strategies and SEO techniques in the industry.



2. Online Marketing - Leave it to the PRO's!

Our expert marketing analysts will design and implement the best social media strategies and Pay Per Click campaigns using the top ranking search engines in order to get quality learner drivers making pre-paid offers to you!



3. Let the learner drivers come to you!

Using our innovative user interface, learners are encouraged to make their very own special introductory offer using the sliding scale which is fun and practical to use.

The offer price starts at minimum of 2 hours for £30 which is higher than the national average when it comes to introductory offers and is designed to attract quality learner drivers who aren't just looking for the cheapest offer.

The learner then secures the offer by making a payment which in turn filters direct through to your dashboard for you to accept and secure the learner.


You will be given first priority to choose the learner offers you want. This means that you no longer have to wait until you are given learners, nor do you have to keep requesting learners. You will have access to them as soon as they come through so you can fill your slots even before they become vacant!



4. Start filling those available slots with pre-paid learner drivers effortlessly!

You can now build and maintain a solid diary simply by clicking 'Accept' on the offers you fancy! We have even developed a built-in a distance calculator for your convenience which shows how far you have to travel to get to learners pick-up point.

It couldn't be simpler!



5. You will get paid instantly!


The funds will be transferred into your account immediately which can be withdrawn at any time.




This is what one of our investors had to say:


"I think this is an amazing opportunity
for everyone involved and LessonsPerHour
certainly looks to disrupt the market. I would
like to invest £75k on this project!"


Richard - Private Equity Manager, South East.



Now obviously this system is becoming increasing popular with Driving Instructors up and down the country, so to avoid serious disappointment it would be a good idea to get in quick while you have the chance to secure all the additional students you can handle in your local area… and even other areas if it suits you.

Don't worry… we will ensure you get first choice of students in your preferred areas and you'll receive notification of new offers as they arrive. You can receive notifications by email, text or both… you decide.

Now you're probably wondering what this service costs and I can tell you it's probably a lot less than you might think.

First consider this…

If by using Our Pupil-on-Demand™ system you secured just one new student/hour per day, how much extra would you make in a week? £100?… £150?

Chances are you would be looking to fill more than just one hour a day. It's more likely to be at least two or even three. But even at just two additional hours a day you could be making as much as an extra £250 a week.

Add on what it would cost to market your business in a week and the service could be worth as much as £300 a week or even more. So when you consider that the cost to join the EU funded platform is just £37 all inclusive... it's a complete no-brainer!

Bespoke Set-up and Account Management

Bespoke set-up: After selecting the locations on your dashboard, your account will be connected to our live campaign which will feed you constant stream of new learners as and when they come through.

Dedicated Management: Also, unlike other driving school franchisors, that tend to have a very generic Ad campaign without any focus on individual instructors, our marketing experts will conduct an in-depth market analysis in your area and will then develop and implement a campaign strategy specially for you which will be closely monitored to ensure you are getting new learners on a regular basis.

So, for a small one time set-up cost of £125 FREE
you will get premium service that no other driving school franchise can offer!


All fees include VAT and remember… they are genuine business expenses and fully tax deductible. So when you look at it that way it probably amounts to less than the cost of a daily pub lunch.

The best part is there is no long-term contract, no small print, no jargon and no obligation. The service is offered on a rolling month by month agreement and you can simply cancel at any time.

Now as I mentioned earlier, this system is becoming increasing popular with Driving Instructors up and down the country and allocated places are going very fast.

To secure your place I urge you not to hesitate, otherwise someone could get in before you. When all allocated places have been taken up, this offer will no longer be available to you or any other Driving Instructors. It's got to be on a first come, first served basis and as you are reading this right now, there is a still a place for you… but not for long.

100%, No Quibble, Full Money Back Guarantee!

We know you're going to love the convenience of logging into your account, selecting new students at will, to fill those vacant slots in your daily diary, and making a lot more money than you ever thought possible.

So, along with an extraordinary system and against the advice of our accountants, we are offering you an unprecedented guarantee! We are so sure that if you use LessonsPerHour's Pupil-on-Demand™ System to your full advantage you'll take home at least £9,126 extra in the next 12 months.

That's right, £9,612 extra earnings you never would have seen without this platform. If you don't, we'll give you a full refund of your entire membership costs. Yep! You'll get a full 12 months membership fee refund.

You just can't lose!

There's never been a better time to be a Driving Instructor because when you partner with us you'll get…

More students, more cash, more recommendations, more cash, Less advertising spend, more prospects and more cash

Still not sure?

Then why not give it a month's trial and see for yourself. You'll be totally overwhelmed by the simplicity and time saving alone, and you'll soon realise it was the best business decision you ever made.

You have so much to gain from joining us, not least you could be right up there with the top earners in the business… in just a matter of days!

Click Here To Register Now
And Experience The Power of Pupil-on-Demand™

We're looking forward to welcoming you aboard and rest assured, we're here to offer our full support should you need it.

Warm regards,

Alan Milton
Head of Corporate Strategy
Lessons Per Hour Limited

P.S. Why should other Driving Instructors in your local area make more money than you for doing exactly the same work? Get even and sign up today for access to pre-paid students waiting for you to accept their pre-paid offers.

P.P.S. Remember! You could be losing as much as £290 every week by keeping slots in your diary empty, take advantage of this opportunity to plug those gaping holes! With our Pupil-On-Demand™ System, you can now fill all your vacant slots around the clock; we'll take care of all the marketing to ensure you get access to a steady stream of eager-to-learn drivers. Everyone wins with LessonsPerHour's Pupil-on-Demand™ System… guaranteed!



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